The new year :O

Happy new year everyone. I hope 2016 was kind to you because 2017 appears to be a head spinner. Thinghunter closing, Microsoft owns Minecraft (not really a 2017 thing I know), Donald Trump is Prez, and the list keeps going on and on.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thinghunter at one point in time or an other. Maybe once in a while you might think back on your younger years and remember the good times with your friend. Just like with everything else in life things change, people move on, and all fades into memory.

I’ve received a few e-mails about resurrecting the server and while I do appreciate the sentiment its not something that would be appropriate giving the state and condition of the community in and around Minecraft in general.

I will be creating a download link sometime in the next few months to download the world(s) maps. Again if you like to reach out to me for any reason you can e-mail me at I do not reply from that e-mail address however so please check you junk filter/folder.

Best wishes in this new year!

Server Closing!

Let me know what you think. Message me on the forums or send me an e-mail

Server Closing

Yes its true. I believe its been long over due. Let me know what you all think.

More fixes

Multi-inventory is now working. Also I found that some of the portals in the game weren’t working so players may have been stuck in mini-games/paintball etc… There also may have been a bug in MCMMO that stop gamerdrew from logging in. If you know gamerdrew have him try and sign in again.


/world now works again. I’m still working on /tp and the inventory issue. Please continue to store your items in a chest before you log off. Side word of warning log block still logging all actions on this server. If you find a glitch please report it my messaging me on the forms.

Now 1.10!

Update and join us. Little FYI. Multi world inventory is broke so you should store your stuff in chess before you log off. /world does not work so you’ll have to go to spawn and then click on the world sign to go to other worlds. /tp is also broken.

Still here!

Come and join the fun or visit an old house you built in an old world. Always good to know what you built is safe and still here because we are still here. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Now 1.8!

It toke some time but its done. We are now up to date and will continue to stay that way since switching to spigot. Enjoy!


I’ve cleaned up the forums. I saw there was a ton of spam. Thank you Elite for letting know.

I’m still working on updating to 1.8. I’ve done a complete back up which takes forever. I’m going to update the back up server and test everything out there first. I wanted to wait for the bukkit update but looks like that will not happen so we will have to switch to spout. I hope it doesn’t break anything.

Working on getting 1.8 going!

When I get some free something in my free time I’ll do an update ASAP. Happy thanksgivig everyone!